Ontario Energy Rebates: Save Energy, Save Money.

Rebate programs and lighting tailor-made to lower your high energy costs.

Energy Rebates

Turning the lights off before you leave the house isn’t the same energy savings plan you can apply to leaving the workplace. Every business or manufacturer has energy operating costs that take a chunk out of revenue every year and with smart saving strategies you can save money where it counts. With Ontario’s “Save on Energy” rebates program, there are multiple avenues to go through to save money on energy costs and you can even see a return on your investment sometimes as quick as 2 years. Some incentives are regionally based so be sure to click the link above or connect with a CGE-LED representatives to find the right program for your business needs.

Whether your project requires a custom approach or a quick solution, there are incentives for every business model to save with the help of Ontario’s rebates and in partnership with CGE-LED. With CGE-LED your application gets filed, your audit is processed, quoted, and all lighting fixtures are installed as a part of a turn-key savings solution. Less hassle and more savings for your business to grow in value instead growing the pile of energy bills.

Even smaller businesses with 50 or less employees onsite can receive up to $2000 in rebates. The current solutions for small business owners to retrofit their current lighting can be a varying list of contractors and auditors. CGE-LED is a solution in energy savings for businesses of every size. From major manufacturers to mom and pop shops, clients are all looking for the same savings. The government provides dynamic programs to support businesses of all sizes so the highest return always goes back to the Canadian business owner. Part of CGE-LED’s benefit to the client is they educate and provide thorough audit’s to help you find the gaps in your energy returns. Facilities are a cost rarely shaved due to operation needs, but with the use of government rebates and profitable partnerships, you save time, money, and energy.

Energy Savings

CGE-LED’s clients often see energy savings of about 60-75% depending on the type of lighting that is getting replaced. For example,a 4-tube fluorescent fixture that you usually see is 128Wwith a draw of 112W. With CGE-LED lighting fixtures, that energy requirement can lower to just 30W. For high bay lighting CGE-LED would replace a 400W high pressure sodium lamp with a 150W LED. Larger drops can be seen in overall cost in higher output lighting as well. 1000W traditional lighting can be lowered to a 240W LED.

Creating tailored lighting setups for your business needs requires a strategic use of incentives programs and quality lighting products. With CGE-LED, the work doesn’t just stop at the delivery of the products. From initial audit of your facility to installation, they provide you with the information, product, and team to execute the project best fit for your business and budget. Every proposal provided seeks to maximize government rebates and your return on investment. They’re the friendly neighbourhood electrician and accountant all in one.

For a first-hand account on how Ontario’s “Save On Energy” rebates programs helps businesses in Canada, listen to the savings discovered by Chris Monteith (Country Facility Manager for IKEA Canada) when utilizing the rebate program towards IKEA’s warehouse lighting.

IKEA | Energy Efficiency | Save on Energy

Return on Investments

After all things considered including installation, fixture costs, and rebate, clients usually see a return on investment after about 2 years or less. CGE-LED also offers a 5 year warranty on all products listed on their website. Essentially putting money back in the clients pocket before the warranty is even up for a full 3 years. The value for clients who take advantage of the governments offerings isn’t just in the initial purchase of quality lighting but in the years that follow initial investment. Equipping businesses with the tools for success and breaking the barriers of confusion often felt with government application programs is the first problem to tackle. With education on government programs paired with quality energy saving products, any and all businesses can see a greater return on investments.

With Canada’s diverse energy sector and with businesses often footing the bill of carbon taxes, businesses must continue to pivot their energy savings strategies to curb the operating costs that debilitate their growth. When utilizing government support for energy saving businesses, carbon taxes quickly become an opportunity to save money with the right equipment and partnerships. With so many Ontario businesses unaware of the rebate programs available and how they apply, the tools for your success can be better understood and accessible through the links in this article and the support of CGE-LED.

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