How to Calculate Your Business’s Energy Savings with CGE-LED’s LED Lighting Calculator

How to Calculate Your Business's Energy Savings with CGE-LED's LED Lighting Calculator

- An Easy-to-Use and powerful tool to calculate your business's energy savings

An Easy-to-Use and powerful tool to calculate your energy savings

Are you looking to upgrade your business’s lighting to modern LED fixtures, but not sure how much money you can save in energy costs? Look no further than CGE-LED’s LED lighting calculator, a user-friendly tool that provides an estimate of your potential energy savings.

How the Calculator Works

This calculator has been designed to be extremely user-friendly. Unlike traditional calculators offered by other companies or websites, which require the user to count all existing fixtures in a zone and find out the wattage of each of these fixtures, our calculator is much simpler to use. In the basic form, only three input fields are needed to calculate lighting energy requirements for each zone:

  1. Environment Type: This describes the type of space this zone is in (warehouse, office, factory, retail, or exterior).
  2. Work Type: This describes the type of work that is being done in this space (general or detailed work). These two parameters help us determine the required lighting level for the type of work occurring in this zone.
  3. Zone Size: The area of the zone (length x width).

To get started with calculating the energy requirements and savings for your business, go to

Once parameters have been selected, click the “Add Zone” button to add this zone to the table and have the output energy levels and savings calculated. Once a zone is added to the table, more zones can be added by altering the parameters for the next zone and clicking “Add a Zone.” Zones can also be removed from the calculation and table if desired by clicking the “Remove Zone” icon at the end of the desired table row.

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) provides guidelines for recommended lighting levels for different settings based on the task performed in that area. We have an entire blog post dedicated to discussing this. INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL RECOMMENDED LIGHTING LEVELS

Advanced Options

While we wanted to keep the calculator as simple as possible to use for the average user, we also wanted to allow the “Power User” access to some more advanced options so they can tune the calculations to be as accurate as possible for their specific needs.

By clicking on the “Advanced Options” tab, you get access to more fields that are used to make the calculations for each zone:

  • Zone Name: Use this field to label your zones so you can more easily identify the zones you have loaded into the calculator. This field is not required; we will generate a label for you if you choose not to use it.
  • Old lm/watt: This field describes the efficiency of your current lighting fixtures in this zone. We have pre-selected an average number that will be accurate in most circumstances, but you can select whatever efficiency you think suits your existing fixture best.
  • New lm/watt: This value is used to describe the efficiency of your replacement LED fixtures. We have selected a value here we feel reflects the current efficiency of most modern LED fixtures. That being said, there are more advanced fixtures out there that offer even higher energy savings, and if you desire to use the lm/watt rating of those fixtures in your calculation, this is how you can adjust that value.
  • Target Lux: This field is calculated and adjusted when you change the Environment Type and Work Type Fields. It can also be manually adjusted to better reflect your specific business needs.


As you can see, the energy savings calculator provided by CGE-LED is a simple and effective way to estimate the energy savings and potential cost reductions you could achieve by upgrading to LED lighting. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this calculator is only an estimate of your predicted savings.

To get a more detailed and accurate report on your actual energy savings, the rebate programs you qualify for, and the expected return on investment, sign up for our free lighting audit service . Our team of experts will analyze your current lighting system, identify areas for improvement, and provide you with a comprehensive report on how much you could save by upgrading to modern LED fixtures. Sign up for our free lighting audit service today at

In conclusion, upgrading to modern LED fixtures is a smart investment for any business looking to reduce energy costs and contribute to a sustainable future. CGE-LED is committed to providing the most efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions for businesses of all sizes. Give our energy savings calculator a try today at and see how much your business could save!

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